Galois AI Platform

We built an enterprise grade platform for Machine Learnin so you don't have to. Our vision is to help them to achieve business goals with the help of AI to get better performance and reducing time to market.

Use your own models, not pre-trained ones.

Models should always fit customers processes, business needs and goals, making them not only unique but a core competitive advantage assets.

Runs on Cloud or On-Premise. Ready to Scale.

Leverage your existent infrastructure for deployment, or install it on a secure and fully managed cloud.

Reduce headcount, time and computing power.

Synx provides an optimized platform that reduces the amount of people needed for each problem up to 80%.

Plug & Play Machine Learning.

Our architecture works as a ready appliance that integrates with customers infrastructure, reducing the need of DevOps and Data Engineerings.

Multiple Data Sourcing Support.

It doesn't matter where your data comes from or how is stored, securely read it from multiple sources.

ETL & Data Pipelines.

Add more value to you data by performing better data analysis, exploration and explotation.

Integrate by using a modern stack.

Galois uses a proven set of standard technologies to enable integrations. It was designed with complieance and secutiry in mind.

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